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This is only my third Comics You Should Be Reading, and here’s your first cruveball. I introduce you to My Faith in Frankie from Vertigo Comics! Frankie has her own personal deity, Jeriven.  Since Frankie is the last person on Earth who worships Jeriven, he is a bit possessive.  Which causes big problems when Frankie […]

Welcome to Tuesday!  Tune in late tonight for the first edition of the weekly Flash Reviews.  Know what you need to get at the store before you go tomorrow! The big news today is DC shutting down the CMX manga imprint.  The surprise to me, honestly, is that it took this long.  They launched the […]

Got a minute?  Good, sit down, relax, and I’ll relate to you the story of a guy by the name of Dashiell Bad Horse. Dash left the Prairie Rose Indian reservation fifteen years ago.  It’s a horrible place with rampant poverty and a group of people with little to no hope for their future, why […]

Welcome to the new week!  I’m announcing this little effort to the world today, so if this is your first time here, welcome to the blog, too!  Visit once in a while, won’t you? Following up on Friday’s story, Heroes is cancelled.  Rumor is of a two or four hour finale event to actually wrap up […]

Woah, that’s a heckuva week of comics isn’t it?  Now that the dust has settled from new comics day this week, how about some news you can use? Did you know there was a Rush Limbaugh comic that came out this week?  Don’t worry, neither did Rush. Bleeding Cool has a couple quotes from Rush’s […]