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How I Really Feel in one Word Balloon “Comic retailer, game retailer, purveyor of all things cool that will be movies and tv shows in five years.”  


Again, if you’re not in the class, feel free to ignore this post, it’s mostly just a visual aid for this week’s lecture! . . . .

You’re free to ignore this post, it is mostly just a pile of images to serve as an aid for my lecture at the Mythic Rhetoric of the American Super-Hero class tomorrow. Black Canary’s outfits!   Where’s the fat guy? 😦 Batgirl…the character that has managed to offend everyone at some point.   What one […]

Just wanted to share this post by another retailer today in which he examines how creators becoming superstars and a dominant force in comics has not necessarily been for the best of all. Well worth a read!

Here’s the list of comics and new items shipping next week! What looks good to you?  (I’ll give you a hint what the best book on the list is…it rhymes with “Shmarman Shmonibus”) (Note: This is only the expected list of total books shipping.  Not all books will be available in all stores, and changes […]