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Part of comics activism on your part is understanding that your shopping habits have a big impact on the store or stores you frequent.  As many of you are aware, this isn’t a business where every store has every new comic 100 copies deep.  It simply isn’t feasible.  While a large amount of this work […]

Comic Con is next week, so actual news and announcements have slowed to a relative trickle as rumors and speculation are heating up.  A few tidbits from the last week or so… Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly we have our first glimpse at Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern: Flame away people!  (Personally, I think it looks […]

Last Friday, I linked to Brian Hibbs’ Tilting at Windmills discussing digital comics and their effects on the market and where things might be headed. If you haven’t read it already, I recommend that you do so.  Most of what I say will be an addendum to Brian’s comments, as he manages to express a […]