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Comic Con is next week, so actual news and announcements have slowed to a relative trickle as rumors and speculation are heating up.  A few tidbits from the last week or so… Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly we have our first glimpse at Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern: Flame away people!  (Personally, I think it looks […]

The big news today is Jeph Loeb being assigned the Executive Vice President, Head of Television of Marvel entertainment.  In short, he’ll be in charge of handling Marvel TV shows and direct to dvd movies.  Comic people keep on moving on up in the world! Jeph Loeb is having a pretty good day, since word […]

DC Comics jumped headfirst into the digital comics arena officially today.  The Beat has a ton of info, links, and comments on the new apps available through Apple and comiXology.  Notice how the day and date release of Justice League:  Generation Lost #4 is at the same price as the physical version.  I expect this […]

Lots of reactions floating around out there in regards to the announcement of the Iron Man Annual being release digitally the same day as the physical comic. The Beat has several quotes and thoughts.  The final line is what bugged me, where people are again complaining about cover prices.  Is it just me or does […]

Over at Gene Luen Yang’s blog, he explains to us why he won’t be seeing The Last Airbender movie.  It’s worth a look and at least a moment of thought, I think. Critic Douglas Wolk has Eight Questions Every Comic Creator Should Answer.  I could not agree more with this.  As a retailer, when trying […]

So was anyone else glued to their television sets last night for that awesome finale?  I was completely enthralled the entire time.  I’m sure everyone out there was right there with me cheering when Bret Michaels won Celebrity Apprentice, right?  Right?… I jest, of course. Found this tidbit this weekend about how indy comics are […]

Welcome to the new week!  I’m announcing this little effort to the world today, so if this is your first time here, welcome to the blog, too!  Visit once in a while, won’t you? Following up on Friday’s story, Heroes is cancelled.  Rumor is of a two or four hour finale event to actually wrap up […]