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If you haven’t heard of Red Letter Media and their movie reviews yet, now is the time to check them out.  (Fair warning, some material not suitable for younger viewers.  Some cursing and creepy content involved, watch at work at your own risk.) I’ve posted part one of their newly posted Star Wars Episode III […]

The big news today is Jeph Loeb being assigned the Executive Vice President, Head of Television of Marvel entertainment.  In short, he’ll be in charge of handling Marvel TV shows and direct to dvd movies.  Comic people keep on moving on up in the world! Jeph Loeb is having a pretty good day, since word […]

So let me get this straight. You’re telling me that Empire Strikes Back was released thirty years ago today. Then, on top of that, Pac-Man was unleashed upon us all in about the same twenty-four hour period? And it has been all downhill for both franchises ever since. Seriously, though, click on that Pac-Man link […]

Congratulations to Michael Massinburg and Nate Thames for winning the Avengers #1 John Romita Sr. variant cover yesterday! Megan Fox is out of Transformers 3, and Deadline Hollywood has all the juicy details.  My understanding is that they wanted to save the $10 million is cost to cover up that hideous Marylin Monroe tattoo on […]

Did I say slow news day?  Oops, maybe not. In an effort to head off the pending copyright litigation, Warner Brothers has filed suit against the lawyer representing the estates of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Let’s just say that any further efforts by me to describe the situation would only result in me screwing […]