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A quick note on this post by Mark Millar today that ties into the digital chart discussion. “Also, and perhaps the most worrying question of all, how do we know what we’re selling? It’s quite hard to fake what comics are doing as you can check with the printers, distributors and a number of places. […]

Several people have referred me to this article over at Comics Alliance that lists the Top 10 comics of 2010 for ComiXology.  Others in the blogosphere are also discussing this article, with the hyperbolic title “The Dramatic Data About Who is Buying Digital Comics – and What They’re Buying.”  Ooooooh!  Dramatic! Before I get into […]

When I started writing this a while back, Bleeding Cool hadn’t informed us all that DC Comics is bringing the letters column back to their comics.  So I had to rework this column a little bit and add a few things in light of the news.  Everything I thought still stands, and I’ve added in […]

I managed to read a few books yesterday including the Congorilla/Starman Special. I can’t blame you if you see this team up and scratch your head a bit.  If you haven’t been reading Justice League for the last year and a half or so, you would have missed this pairing’s first get together in Justice […]

Whew, what a week so far!  Lots of news and stuff I;ll be getting to later today, and then yesterday was the release for Scott Pilgrim Vol 6.  Based on sales of previous volumes and the recent surge, I figured I had enough Vol 6 on hand to last at least two weeks, but the […]

This is only my third Comics You Should Be Reading, and here’s your first cruveball. I introduce you to My Faith in Frankie from Vertigo Comics! Frankie has her own personal deity, Jeriven.  Since Frankie is the last person on Earth who worships Jeriven, he is a bit possessive.  Which causes big problems when Frankie […]

The Beat has info on Marvel announcing their first day and date comic release to digital platforms.  Conspicuously absent from all of the information so far is the price of the digital download edition.  They also repeatedly say “all three chapters” will be available online.  This implies to me that they’ll be selling the three […]