A Post For the Superhero Class


You’re free to ignore this post, it is mostly just a pile of images to serve as an aid for my lecture at the Mythic Rhetoric of the American Super-Hero class tomorrow.

Black Canary’s outfits!



Turtlenecks FTW!

Where’s the fat guy? 😦

Look ma, zero percent body fat!

Batgirl…the character that has managed to offend everyone at some point.

Death of Batgirl...birth of...



She got better!

What one handicapped comic fan thought of Barbara Gordon getting up out of the wheelchair – http://www.newsarama.com/comics/oracle-is-stronger-than-batgirl-110606.html

Diversity in comics…well…sorta…

Diversity! ....errrr

And the birth of the Direct Market!

Not just a woman, one from Africa!



One Response to “A Post For the Superhero Class”

  1. Wait… If Nightcrawler is German, does that make him White on the inside? Still, the Russian and Canadian lead the charge in GIANT SIZE X-MEN #1 so that makes it diverse, right?

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