This Week’s Best Thing Ever – Red Letter Media


If you haven’t heard of Red Letter Media and their movie reviews yet, now is the time to check them out.  (Fair warning, some material not suitable for younger viewers.  Some cursing and creepy content involved, watch at work at your own risk.)

I’ve posted part one of their newly posted Star Wars Episode III review here, but go to the site and check out episodes one and two and their Star Trek reviews, too.  These guys are great at both making you laugh, but also providing insight into how good storytelling works, and why things like Star Trek: First Contact and the Star Wars prequels were such massive failures on a storytelling level when their original material was so good.  Informative and entertaining, doesn’t get much better than that!



One Response to “This Week’s Best Thing Ever – Red Letter Media”

  1. So much awesome… WIN!!

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