Mark Millar and I Agree.


A quick note on this post by Mark Millar today that ties into the digital chart discussion.

“Also, and perhaps the most worrying question of all, how do we know what we’re selling? It’s quite hard to fake what comics are doing as you can check with the printers, distributors and a number of places. Official, quite accurate numbers are printed online. But I checked several sources last night and nobody could tell me what my download numbers were for these supposed record-breaking numbers of mine. Just their chart position. I’m really not liking this at all.”

Not even Mark Millar, King of All Media, who is the creator who owns the rights to the Kick-Ass comics in these top ten charts can tell us what the download numbers are on his own book.  How can any of us possibly draw any conclusions about the state of the market as a whole?



3 Responses to “Mark Millar and I Agree.”

  1. 1 Ron

    This made me laugh …

  2. 2 Ron

    I just finished reading through the Millarworld thread you linked from and the conversation there is mostly intelligent and worthwhile. Go read it, if you haven’t.

  3. Y’know, this reminds me of the 2008 writer’s strike by the WGA against their corporate network overlords over advertising revenues generated by online video and webstreaming. Could the comics creative teams be facing a similar problem with these fuzzy numbers?

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