Comics I’ve Read – Congorilla/Starman Special and others!


I managed to read a few books yesterday including the Congorilla/Starman Special.

I can’t blame you if you see this team up and scratch your head a bit.  If you haven’t been reading Justice League for the last year and a half or so, you would have missed this pairing’s first get together in Justice League: Cry for Justice.  That said, this book is actually pretty good.  The story is framed in a good, compelling sequence that leads to some funny moments, and I think it did a good job of establishing a lot of characters that most people simply aren’t familiar with in a way that will be appealing to new readers.  If you’re looking for somewhere to jump into the DCU, this is certainly a good book to give a try!

That was contrasted by the Steel One Shot.

I am barely even sure what was going on here.  Doomsday shows up punching stuff.  Steel starts punching, too.  Steel is knocked out.  End of story.  It felt like reading the Death of Superman from 1993…in all the wrong ways.  For being a supposed genius, John Henry Irons deciding to take on Doomsday on his own without calling in any backup seems a great deal less than smart.  Why is Doomsday back?  Who knows!  Reading solicit material, apparently this is supposed to be a mystery.  I guess they’ll explain it at some point in this “Reign of Doomsday” story line.  Not the best start ever, though.

Finally, I read Weird Worlds #1 yesterday as well!

This anthology book has three short stories in it that are a bit uneven.  The opening Lobo story is pretty stock  material, nothing to get excited about.  The second part is a new (as far as I know) character called Garbage Man.  The art by Aaron Lopresti is gorgeous, evoking classic Bernie Wrightson Swamp Thing art, and the story is…well, only ten pages.  It is incomplete.  At first I thought it was a complete lampoon, but the story gets a little more focused as the pages progress.  Finally, we have a ten page story of a character called Tanga set in space.  I’m not sure where this one is going either, but I don’t particularly care because it is drawn by Kevin Macguire!  There’s a couple funny moments here, but clearly some work is to be done to finish this story.  In the meantime, I’ll continue enjoying Macguire’s always gorgeous art.  All in all, this issue is also worth a peek.



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