Wednesday Flash Reviews – Sept 29th, 2010


Hey kids!  Comics!   But not many of them this week.  Accursed five-Wednesday months how I loathe thee!  You even make me miss Justice League: Generation Lost and Brightest Day.  I must be enjoying those books if I actively noticed that neither were in the reading pile this week.  Since it is a week with a lighter than usual amount of books, I’m going to mention a couple other things I’ve read in the last couple weeks you should know about!

I finally sat down and read the first two volumes of Chew, and I know I’m late to the party here, but I love this book!  Tony Chu is a cibopath, he gets psychic impressions from thing that he eats.  He’s an officer for the most powerful law enforcement body in the Unites States…the FDA.  The FDA is charged with enforcing the nationwide ban on chicken that went into effect after an outbreak of avian flu killed 10 million people.  And it only gets stranger from there…

This book is darn near perfect.  It’s funny, exciting, intelligent, and sometimes downright gross.  The grossness of our protagonist being forced to eat the occasional decomposing corpse is offset by the just slightly cartoonish art.  It is possible that you’ll read this book and simply not dig it, but it isn’t because the book isn’t well-done.  Personally, I got a huge kick out of this and it is immediately going into the top books I’ll recommend to anyone who asks for a good read.

Also I finally sat down and read the first collected edition of Incognito, by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips:

Incognito stars Zach Overkill, a former super-villain who is now in witness protection, completely de-powered and working as a file clerk as our story opens.  However, things are about to fall apart around his ears when the drugs the government has him on in order to depower him turn out to be nullified by the masking agents he is taking to cover up his illicit drug use from his parole officer.

Incognito was very good, as well.  It’s a unique mix of crime noir and superheroics that I would definitely recommend taking a peek at if the subject matter sounds interesting to you!

Oh hey, normal books this week!

Time Masters: Vanishing Point #3 – Solid.  A decent read, but not as compelling as Return of Bruce Wayne, sadly.

Franken-Castle #21 – I’m giving this one a Very Good based on the art by Brereton alone.  And the short story at the end is also quite enjoyable, too.  The unfortunate part is I don’t think the Franken-Castle thing worked, in the end.  It started strong, and I definitely admire Remender and Marvel for taking the character in such a crazy direction, but the last couple stories seemed to reek of “Sales on this book aren’t high enough, we need to get back to Punisher, ASAP.”  It’s sad, really.  Creative risks like this should be rewarded with better sales, even when they don’t quite work out.

Star Wars: Blood Ties #2 – Good.  Several good moment in here, I enjoyed it.

Action Comics #893 – Good.  And bizarre.  I won’t claim to have any idea where this is going,  but this story is a pretty crazy fun ride regardless.  “I have brought my biggest spoon….to eat your tasty brains!”

Green Arrow #4 – Solid.  This will have to do in place of Brightest Day this week.  I do wish they were making the storytelling a little denser to move things along at a better pace.

Captain America #610 – Good.  Brubaker continues to deliver, why aren’t you reading this book?

Avengers Prime #3 – Good.  Much better than the second issue with some great bits of dialogue between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark.

X-Men vs Vampires #1 – Solid.  Four short stories here with a reprint of a classic.  I liked what I read, but not earth-shattering, either.

Wonder Woman #603 – Very Good.  I think JMS’s take on Wonder Woman here is really enjoyable.  But I don’t worry much about making sure everything is forced to fit in continuity, either.  I am just digging the art and the story quite a bit.

X-Men Legacy #240 – Meh.   Not doing it for me right now.  Uncanny is better, in my opinion.

Crossed: Family Values #4 – Good.  A bit of a step back from the line they almost crossed last issue, and I’m glad, this book works best when it is balanced.

Star Spanged War Stories One Shot – Good.  A well-told spy/war thriller.

Gotham City Sirens #16 – Meh.  I’ll stick around a little longer as a Batman fan, but without Dini on the book, the stories need to seem better than this, I think.



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