Wednesday Flash Reviews – 9-22-10


Time to read the funnybooks!  Lotsa good books this week.  It’s weeks like this when the whining on much of the internet about how there aren’t enough good books convinces me that these babbling heads aren’t actually READING any of the books.

Flash #5 – Solid.  I enjoy this book a lot.  If you aren’t reading it, I think you’re missing on some fun writing.

Thor #615 – Very Good.  Finally, Matt Fraction’s arc starts, and it delivers!  “You are a scientist whose science proves that both you and I are here?  Your science is stupid.”  Lots of good moments in the book even if you haven’t been reading Thor, this is a good place to jump in and hit the ground running.

Uncanny X-Men #528 – Good.  Also written by Fraction, and also really enjoyable.

Avengers Academy #4 – Solid.  As long as they never try and do another issue focusing around the completely unlikeable and boring Finesse, this book should continue to be a decent read.

Walking Dead #77 – Good.  And it was all building to this.  In a sane world, a book this consistently good would be a top ten comic every month.  Guess we’ll just have to settle for it dominating the graphic novel charts.

Green Lantern Corps #52 – Solid.  I liked this story arc, but I would be lying if I said it didn’t feel a little padded.

Hulk #25 – Good.  Yes, I’m giving out a lot of goods this week.  I enjoyed this issue, even if I have to overlook the apparent lack of a redial button on Steve Rogers’ cell phone in order to set up a fight.

Superman/Batman #76 – Solid. Though I am curious why this story that plays in the time immediately following Final Crisis and connects Dick Grayson to Superman more wasn’t published sooner.

Legion of Super Heroes #5 – Solid.  Not a jumping on point, but this Legion book is a good read.

Secret Avengers #5 – Very Good.  Now THAT’S what I’m talking about.  The first four issues of this series I thought were decent, but didn’t quite work for me.  But it is Ed Brubaker, so he gets plenty of leeway from me.  This issue knocks it out of the park explaining who the Nick Fury guy is with the dragon on his chest.  A compelling page turner of an issue that opens up the door for lots of cool stories in the future.  My favorite book this week.

Nemesis #3 – Good.  This book is going to be polarizing, to say the least.  If you can stomach the content, this is a pretty good read.

Justice League Generation Lost #10 – Solid.  I’m enjoying this series, but wow did this issue muddy the waters quite a bit as far as where things are going in the future.

Avengers #5 – Good.  Time travel stories are too confusing to try to explain….doesn’t mean this isn’t fun to read, though!

Power Girl #16 – Solid.  This would be good, if it wasn’t chapter 3 of the storyline.

What did you enjoy this week?


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