Wednesday Flash Reviews – 9-15-10


Hello everyone I’m back!

No reviews last week due to schedule chaos from the holiday, but also when I tried to read comics, the final part of One Moment in Time just drained my life force completely.  That storyline was just atrocious.  I did pick myself off the floor to read some other books and discovered some gems, and I’ll get to those after I do the rundown of books I have read this week…which will lead me to last week’s gems.  I’ll stop being confusing now and tell you what books rocked!

X23 #1 -Solid.  I hope one of the goals of this stand-alone story is to cut back on her mopiness a bit.  It’s going to get tiresome after a while.  As it is, a decent start.

Shadowland Ghost Rider One Shot – Good.  Gorgeous art by Zac Crain, and the story was pretty entertaining.  The ending felt…choppy?  This fits well in the whole Shadowland storyline, but I’m unsure this really works as a single book by itself.

Brightest Day #10 – Good.  Quite the paradigm shift for Firestorm, and Black Manta is actually a bad ass.  Brightest Day is coming alone well at this point!

Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #2 – Solid.  There’s a lot of setup going on here, maybe a bit too much.  I like Green Lantern, so I’m not going anywhere, but I can see less avid fans not being thrilled here.

Shadowland Power Man #2 – Good.  I am enjoying this book far more than I expected.  Plenty of Luke Cage and Iron Fist and this new Power Man’s back story is making for a good read.

Morning Glories #2 – Solid.  I have to be honest, I’m just not feeling this book.  It’s well-done, but what is going on, or what the point of all this is, I’m still unclear on.  I’ll try one or two more issues and see how it goes, but I’m still waiting for something in this book to really hook me.

Deadpool #27 – Solid.  The usual Deadpool goofiness.

Incredible Hulks #613 – Good.  Granted, I saw this coming from five miles away…doesn’t mean that I’m not excited for the turn the story took this issue!

Steve Rogers Super Soldier #3 – Good. This is a very fun, well-done story.

Batman Beyond #4 – Abstain.  As I’ve said, I never watched the Batman Beyond cartoon, so my familiarity with the universe is minimal.  This issue has a twist that made me really go “WTF?!”, because it makes so little sense.  Maybe there’s something from the cartoon universe that makes this make more sense, but if the identity of  “Hush” that is revealed this issue isn’t somehow drawn from that, this whole thing just fell apart with one lazy reveal, in my opinion.

Thunderbolts #148 – Good.  I’m enjoying this reboot with Luke in charge.

Our Fighting Forces Featuring The Losers One Shot – Very Good.  These excellent war comic one shots continue.  This was my regret of not getting reviews up last week…The Weird War Tales one shot was my favorite book of the week by a mile.  Three good short stories, and the art was spectacular.  Sadly, the sales on these one shots have been pretty meager so far, which is sad and a little odd, considering how much I hear about people wanting good single issue books.  Of course, part of the problem is how often companies use these one shots as cynical cash grabs which leads me to….

Red One Shots: Frank, Victoria, Joe, and Marvin – Whiskey.  Tango.  Foxtrot.  The Red movie appears to be a slightly comical tale of ex-cia agents.  The Red comic was a breakneck-paced action comic.  These comics fall into neither camp, instead relating four cotton-candy like spy tales.  They’re a bit light on content, and I just do not understand how they’re supposed to get people excited about the movie or the original comic.  Then you throw in a $3.99 per book cover price, and these books just do not work for me at all.

I hate to end the post on a sour note, so I want to point out a book from a couple weeks ago that I finally read that I really enjoyed:

Dark Rain by Mat Johnson and Simon Gane.

Mat Johnson did the highly underrated Incognegro a while back, and this book does not disappoint, either.  Set during and immediately after Hurricane Katrina, the story is of a pair of guys attempting a bank heist while the Ninth Ward is virtually devoid of people.  It manages to successfully weave together stories of the tragedy of Katrina with the heist story to form a compelling package, much like Incognegro wrapped a murder mystery in the politics and stories of the Deep South in the early part of the 20th century.  Do yourself a favor and check out at least one of these two books.  I enjoyed Dark Rain a little more, but both were very good reads.


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