Wednesday Flash Reviews – 9-1-10


I didn’t get as many books read this week as I have previously due to a trade shipping that I simply couldn’t wait to read!

Awwwww yeah!  Invincible Volume 13!  If you enjoy reading superhero comics at all, there is no reason that you should skip this book.  It’s has great storytelling, great characters, and great ideas all in one series!  Robert Kirkman rightfully gets heaped with praise for Walking Dead, but this book seems to be overlooked in comparison, and it really shouldn’t be.  This book is one of my favorites each time a new TP comes out, and now I’m going to get caught up so I can read monthly.  If you choose to get involved with Invincible, I would highly recommend making sure that you read through to the end of volume two.  Volume one is good and entertaining, but it is the second volume where the series really picks up its momentum and starts barreling forward.  Is this book great literature?  No.  But is it one of the most enjoyable and consistently entertaining books on the stands?  Absolutely.  Check it out, you’ll be glad you did.

On to this week’s other books!

Wolverine #1 – Solid.  Well, this is certainly different.  I liked the art, but honestly, the first few pages of chatter I could have done without.  But like I mentioned in reviewing Wolverine Origins #50, Wolverine getting all pensive about his existence doesn’t do much for me.  I’m interested in the next issue thanks to the ending, but it felt like it ended oddly.

Franken-Castle #20 – Meh.  Speaking of ending oddly.  Really, what a let down after three issues of fun.  This doesn’t end so much as just….stop.  Granted, I don’t know that there could be a different ending to this story, but still, this really felt lacking at the end.  Ah well.

Avengers: Children’s Crusade #2 – Very Good.  This was really enjoyable.  Maybe a little heavy on the chatter as the kids keep harping on the same points over and over…but it’s forgiven in light of several good moments of character and snappy one-liners building to a good ending.

Incredible Hulks #612 – Solid.  The lead story here didn’t feel as satisfying as I would have liked, but still decent.  The backup involving Hiro Kala is a great deal of buildup…but I guess after #611, you have to take a breath.

Scarlet #2 – Very Good.  Love it.  This is the Bendis I have been missing for years.  I’m glad he’s fiddling around in the dark corners again like the old Image days.  Gorgeous art by Maleev, too.

Shadowland #3 – Solid.  Don’t read this and Franken Castle back to back, you’ll just be confused.  Beyond that little continuity hiccup, though, this is still an good read.

Brightest Day #9 – Solid.  AQUALAD WEARS CROCS?!  Are you kidding me?  Oh, and there’s some mystery to Aqualad’s upbringing.  Count me as being really interested.  Plus some interesting Martian Manhunter bits here.  This series is still a good read.

1 Month 2 Live #1 – Good.  In short, Astro City meets the Marvel Universe.  The protagonist here does come across a bit too much of in idiot for story’s sake…but I’m interested in seeing where they go with this story.  I enjoy books like this that are a change of pace from the universe-shattering storylines of mayhem we get every month.


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