Wednesday Flash Reviews – 8-18-10 – plus other news!


You know, the problem with moving and/or rearranging things is you never realize how much stuff you have until you’re half way through it.  So in the meantime, any of you who come by the Lancaster store, please excuse the mess while I get things in order this week!

The free comic winner this week is M “Scrambles” Solomon!  He scored Secret Avengers #4!

Oh, you want comic reviews?  I got yer comics right here!

Secret Avengers #4 – Solid.  Gorgeous art be Deodato, decent story.

New Avengers #3 – Good.  Immomen’s art is top-notch in this issue, and the dialogue throughout is entertaining.

Marvel Universe vs The Punisher #2 – Solid.  If I Am Legend via the Marvel Universe is your cuppa, then by all means, pick this up.

Sweets #2 – Very Good.  Really enjoyed this issue even more than the first.  Top notch crime storytelling.

Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow #1 – Good.  Pleasant surprise of the week #1.  This isn’t going to set the world on fire, but I liked this first issue.  Shadowland has been selling well so far, I hope that the attention gets more people on board with Marvel’s “street” characters like Colleen Wing.

Amazing Spider-Man #640 – Horrible.  This story should be called “One Swift Kick to the Crotch”  Why does Quesada hate Spider-Man fans so much?  Enquiring minds want to know!  Wow, this issue is just…there aren’t words for this.  Actually, there are.  There’s lots of them.  And I will probably do a post on this trainwreck of a comic with all of those words  later this week.

Brightest Day #8 – Solid.  But was Mark Millar writing this?  There’s several one or two-page spread action shots here for very little discernible reason.  Honestly, it felt rather padded.  A step back from last issue.

Uncanny X-Men #527 – Very Good.  Matt Fraction is the man.  Sometimes, a book has to stop down to “mark time” between major story arcs.  You need to build some tension, create some plot lines and all that jazz.  A good writer like Fraction can do so and still make the marking time a good read.  I really really enjoyed this issue and was disappointed when I got to the last page.  Sign of a really well-written book, there.

Avengers Academy #3 – Good.  A step up from the previous issue, even if this week’s Thunderbolts gives away the ending.

Thunderbolts #147 – Good.  Wraps up the previous issue and also ties into Avengers Academy but still stands alone.  I don’t get tired of Luke Cage kicking butt, and liked this issue.  The Thunderbolts relaunch so far has been a success creatively.

Power Girl #15 – Solid.  You can’t say that DC didn’t give this book a creative team worthy of the Palmiotti/Connor team.  The three issues by Winick/Basri have been entertaining.

Green Lantern Corps #51 – Good.  As a GL fan, I loved it.

Justice Society of America #42 – Solid.  A good storyline, I’m looking forward to the finale in JLA.

Batman Beyond #3 – Good.  I’m not a Batman Beyond cartoon fan, but I’m liking this book.

Harlan Ellison’s Phoenix Without Ashes #1 – Good.  It is a crime that most of you don’t know who Harlan Ellison is.  This book about a Amish-style enclave in the 24th century would be a great way to start reading his stories.  I’m a fan for sure.

Batman Streets of Gotham #15 – Very Good.  Woah.  A really well-written Two-Face tale with a surprising ending.  Good stuff here.

Hulk #24 – Good.  If only Jeph Loeb’s Hulk stories had as much emotional weight as Greg Pak’s this could be even better.  As it is, it is still a good read, and wraps up the Loeb run well, with a clear eye to the future.

Deadpool #26 – Good.  Though I’m not sure what to make of this, especially in the light of the Deadpool Origins one shot a few weeks back.  Deadpool faces off with Ghost Rider and the story seems to be taking Deadpool down a more serious path.  I like my funny Deadpool…I’m not sure about this story angle.  We’ll see…

DC Universe Legacies #4 – Meh.  It’s like reading The History of the DC Universe…except more bland and stretched out.  I’m not sure why this book even exists.  The Our Army at War backup is good, but it’s only a few pages in the back of an otherwise unremarkable book.

Shadowland: Power Man #1 – Good.  Pleasant surprise of the week #2!  Lots of Danny Rand goodness (have I mentioned I love Iron Fist ever since the Brubaker reboot?), plus a new character presented in an interesting way.  Shadowland is proving to be pretty fertile ground.

Wolverine: Weapon X #16 – Solid.  I think this is the last issue of Weapon X, and Wolverine carts a piano to a mountaintop because Nightcrawler asked Wolverine to do so in his will.  It got me to thinking about how awesome it would be to have a superhero moving service.  Need your stuff moved?  Thing will be right over to pick your house up and take it to the new place, literally!  … Anyway.  A decent read, but Wolverine being all emotion-y and contemplative about life seems to fall flat for me because, at the end of the day, you’re going to end up with him slicing and dicing a bunch of bad guys into bits anyway.  A guy who gets seriously that worked up over the beauty of life I would think at some point cut waaaay back on the murdering.  But if you do that to Wolverine, then you end up with the new book “Wolverine: Pacifist Zen Master”, and who is going to buy THAT book?!  Exactly.


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