Wednesday Flash Reviews – 8-11-10


Posting a little later than usual, but it isn’t my fault the Yankees/Rangers went to extra innings last night.  (Wooo!!  Go Rangers!)  So, let’s get right to it, shall we?

Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #1 – Good.  I actually could have done without the prerequisite action scene in the middle here, there’s lots of ground to cover to get this book rolling.  The last page confused me for a minute…but I think I know what is going on here.  Maybe.

Dark Wolverine #89 – Meh.  The previous part of this are featured good, quirky art and a Tom and Jerry-style action sequence that was over the top and fun.  This one features far too many big page spreads for moments that don’t really deserve it and barely has any of that pop or fun.

Steve Rogers Super-Soldier #2 – Solid.  Eaglesham’s art is lovely, and the story is good, too.

Justice League: Generation Lost #7 – Good.  There’s two JLI-style books coming out right now, and the one not written by DeMatteis and Giffen is the one that is working much better for me.  Rollicking adventures with a bid of joking, I really liked this issue.

Ultimate Avengers 3 #1 – Solid.  A double dose of Blade this week.  The last page is just dumb, and the rest of the story was competent, but didn’t quite grab me.  I’m curious what the next issue brings, but not very impressed, here.

Booster Gold #35 – Solid.  But I’m probably too biased by my love of JLI.  The cover here is fantastic, but the story just wasn’t that compelling.

Morning Glories #1 – Good.  Definitely worth a look!  Kids recruited by a mysterious academy with sinister secrets.  Good characters, very good art, and I’ll be back for issue two for sure!

X-Men #2 – Solid.  More Blade!  Because you demanded it!  Well, maybe you didn’t, but I am demanding that he do something about that terrible haircut right NOW.  Yikes, that looks dumb.  The story is moving along fine here, I just imagine Wolverine laughing his rear off as soon as Blade shows up sporting some kind of reverse-mohawk look.

Birds of Prey #4 – Meh.  Theoretically this is the end of the story arc.  I’m hoping Simone’s writing improves, because this is not getting me excited at all, and I know she can do better.

Batgirl #13 – Solid.  Nothing Earth-shaking here, just a good Batgirl story.  Could use more of them!

Shadowland: Blood on the Streets #1 – Good.  Yeah everyone involved here is a c-lister, but the stories were entertaining.

Northlanders #31 – Good.  Why aren’t you reading this series by Brian Wood?  How many other seriously good viking comics out there to distract you from this?

X-Force: Sex & Violence #2 – Solid.  It sure lives up to its title!  And it has lovely painted art, too.  How stereotypical that the sniper assassin is based in Dallas, though.  It’s been well over 40 years…can’t we all move on a little?!

Daredevil #509 – Solid.  Is this a decent story?  Yes.  Can I tell you exactly where on the timeline this issue takes place?  Nope.  Half of it seems to happen before Shadowland #2 that came out last week, and half seems to happen afterwards.  Still, I love Danny Rand and Luke Cage, so I’ll cope.

Superman #702 – Good.  This is going to get torn to shreds by the blogosphere, and I don’t care.  Outside of one line that seems waaaaay too forced, I appreciate this relatively simple story of Superman enabling others around him to accomplish better things.  Yes, it is a little preachy, but I don’t care.  Judge for yourself, but I like stories like this a great deal.

Titans #26 – Meh.  Ok this isn’t a terrible book, but really, what the heck is going on in this thing?!  Osiris is the most obnoxious character in the DCU at this point, Arsenal is about as sympathetic as a rock, and Deathstroke is …the hero?  I don’t know!

Walking Dead #76 – Very Good.  At least this week’s reviews are finishing on a strong point.  Another really good read by Kirkman.

Incredible Hulk #611 – Good.  But close to Very Good.  Really close.  Greg Pak might be the most underrated Hulk writer ever.  This book is a great smash-em-up fight, with a subtext worthy of further discussion.  I got a kick out of reading this the first time, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it has a lot going on behind the punching.  Paul Pelletier’s art is fantastic, the story is good.  Of what I read so far this week, this is, surprisingly, my favorite book of the week.  I might even have to discuss it more later this week.

What did you like this week?


4 Responses to “Wednesday Flash Reviews – 8-11-10”

  1. You certainly deliver “MoreFun,” Tim! Unsurprisingly, I too like the Superman run and The Hulk was both fun and poignant. But Shadowland? This should be waaaay more interesting and tense than it is. Meh.

  2. 2 Andyou

    Can’t remember a time I’ve hated a comic as much as I hated Superman #702. Question: Since Superman is now lame and pretentious, does that mean Bizarro will suddenly become uber-cool and gritty?

  3. Andyou,
    What did you hate so much about it? I can understand this story not being your speed, though I just choose to think that a character like Superman has room in his history for stories of all kinds.

  4. 4 Jaron H


    Just wondering if you also read Ultimate Comics Spider-Man from this week and what you thought of it. I thought that it was a good example of how Bendis and the gang will do anything to make sure that the Ultimate U. is different from the Marvel U.

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