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Sorry about the lack of updates this week everyone.  I’ve been up to my elbows in these guys all week: Hopefully this week we’ll get back on schedule!  I did get a chance to read Superman/Batman #75 this week, though, and loved it.  The main story was good, and the two page spreads by various […]

Have you come in an entered in the drawing for a PS3 at the beginning of October?  Have all your friends signed up in order to help you get discounts for the rest of the year?  No?  Why not?! At any rate, here’s next week’s pile of goodness due to ship on Wednesday! (Note: This […]

We’re doing another PS3 giveaway this September at More Fun Comics and Games in Denton!  This time around, you can take advantage of the promotion to win free stuff as well as get a discount on all your purchase for the rest of the year at More Fun Comics and Games!  Read on for all […]

You know, the problem with moving and/or rearranging things is you never realize how much stuff you have until you’re half way through it.  So in the meantime, any of you who come by the Lancaster store, please excuse the mess while I get things in order this week! The free comic winner this week […]

I wanted to to take a few minutes here to talk a bit more about Incredible Hulk #611 that came out this week.  This is a Hulk book, so there is punching. Seriously…there is LOTS of punching So if you’re looking for action, this book definitely delivers.  But what makes this book stand out is […]

Here’s the list of books scheduled to ship next Wednesday! (Note: This is only the expected list of total books shipping.  Not all books will be available in all stores, and changes can happen due to problems in shipping and packing.) Now the good part, how to get a free comic! Simply reply to this […]

Posting a little later than usual, but it isn’t my fault the Yankees/Rangers went to extra innings last night.  (Wooo!!  Go Rangers!)  So, let’s get right to it, shall we? Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #1 – Good.  I actually could have done without the prerequisite action scene in the middle here, there’s lots of ground […]