Wednesday Flash Reviews -7-28-10


Before I jump into this week’s books, a quick rewind to last week!

I made time over the weekend to read Revolver by Matt Kindt.  It’s the story of a guy who wakes up one day to a world that has gone completely post-apocalyptic.  Bird flu, dirty bombs, natural disasters, you name it.  The trick is when he finally gets through the day and goes to sleep, he wakes back up in his regular life with the job he’s not really into, the boss who he can’t stand, and the girlfriend mostly concerned about how to match the couch with the tv stand.  Why is this happening, and how will our “hero” handle his situation?  It’s a good read with some really gorgeous two-tone art throughout.  I’d definitely recommend taking a closer look if you haven’t already.

On to this week’s books!

Action Comics #891 – Good.   And weird.  Enjoyed this even if I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on.  Cornell is doing good work here.

Amazing Spider-Man Presents Black Cat #2 – Solid.  Spy hijinks continue, and I’m enjoying it.

Franken-Castle #19 – Good, first of all.  This is basically a really long fight scene, but it is staged well and Moore’s art is spot on, being both a bit over the top violent and just a hint of silly to match the tone of the story.  That said, can anyone explain to me what claws exactly Daken is supposed to have?  On the cover he has three claws, but it is unclear which kind.  Inside he has two adamantium claws, otherwise they’re using lens flare on bone claws which makes NO sense.  Then, on the last page ad for the next part, the cover to the next Dark Wolverine clearly depicts two bone claws.  I still recommend the book, I just find the claw confusion funny.

Wonder Woman #601 – Good.  The art is lovely throughout, and the story had me interested.  Complain about the leather jacket all you like, but I definitely like this.

Ultimate Comics Mystery #1 – Solid.  This didn’t grab me.  If it were anyone else writing the dialogue, I would have been totally bored, to be honest.

Fantastic Four #581 – Very Good.  Dang I love me some Hickman.  Great ideas and really good art.  You can pick this issue up by itself and have a good idea what is going on.

Incorruptible #8 – Solid.  I like this series overall, but this isn’t a jumping on point.

Justice League: Generation Lost #6 – Solid.  An important part of the puzzle, but I’m looking forward to more forward momentum soon.

Gotham City Sirens #14 – Good.  As much as the last two issues didn’t do it for me, I liked this one much more.  Good idea for an antagonist with an origin explained in a few pages, not a few issues.

Punisher Max #9 – Good.  Jason Aaron’s take on Bullseye is downright creepy, and Steve Dillon is the perfect artist to execute it.

Secret Avengers #3 – Solid.

Thor #612 – Good.  People who left Thor because of JMS leaving the book are doing themselves a disservice.  Good stuff here.

X-Men Legacy #238 – Meh.  How frustrating to read this after Second Coming.  My lack of familiarity with X-Men continuity might be showing through here, but we’ve got an antagonist whom we barely know forced on us, along with a focus on a C-tier X-Men character visiting his family.  Sure, Magneto and Rogue are along for the ride…but this simply did not grab me.

Uncanny X-Men #526 – Very Good.  This, on the other hand, is a really good follow up to Second Coming.  I chalk it up to the writing chops of Matt Fraction.  He both gives us several snapshots of what is going on with several X-Men, while giving us a compelling story about Hope.

Flash #4 – Good.  Only reason this doesn’t get a Very Good from me is because of the fact that it is part four of the story.  Start from the beginning, this series is really enjoyable.

Green Arrow #2 – Solid.  No reason to bail on Green Arrow if you picked up the first issue, but I did feel like there wasn’t that much going on, and the ending was paced incorrectly.  I’ll still be around for #3, though.

Northlanders #30 – Very Good.  If you aren’t reading this book, this is your second chance in two issues to jump on board.  Entertaining stuff!

Green Lantern Corps #50 – Good.  Who would have thought that all these years after the Death of Superman, we’d still be having Cyborg Superman running around in good stories?

Wolverine Origins #50 – Meh.  Last couple issues of this series are supposed to be about Wolverine moving forward with his life.  Maybe there’s a meta commentary here of Marvel declaring that they’re finished making up stories from the past about Wolverine’s life…maybe.

Green Lantern #56 – Very Good.  Love the art, love the story, love the silliness of Larfleeze.

Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #4 – Solid.  First issue of this series that doesn’t knock it out of the park for me.  By all means keep reading if you already are, but this issue just didn’t feel the same.  I don’t think Jeanty’s art really fit here.  Ah well.

Oh and don’t forget, Walking Dead V12 comes out today, too!


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