Wednesday Flash Reviews – 7-14-10


The scale is here, now on to the comics this week!

The Brave and the Bold #35 – Good.  Part two of a story from the previous issue where the Legion and the Doom Patrol saved Earth…but this is the far more enjoyable and entertaining book.  You don’t even need to have read #34 to enjoy this book starring ten of the more ridiculous characters from the DCU history.

Titans #25 – Solid.  There’s a couple of good moments amidst a mishmash of a plot that I’m hoping will make sense soon.  Beyond that I’m wondering why this book is Titans as opposed to a Deathstroke monthly title.

Batgirl #12 – Solid.  Wraps up the year long beginning of Batgirl with a decent payoff.

X-Men Second Coming #2 – Good.  The final chapter of the Second Coming crossover wraps the whole shebang up in a satisfying fashion.

Comic Book Guy: The Comic Book #1 – Good.  Four covers on one book and plenty of other nods to the sillier side of the comic world, and it’s pretty funny, to boot.

Amazing Spider-Man #637 – Good.  A better ending than I was expecting, and a good take on the whole Spider-mythos envisioned by JMS a few years back.

X-Files/30 Days of Night #1 – Meh.  The problem here is that they spent this entire issue setting up a big mystery in Alaska, reintroducing us to Mulder and Scully and some mysterious deaths, when the title of the book makes it very clear exactly what is going on here.  Kinda removes the dramatic tension.

Avengers Academy #2 – Solid.  Quicksliver is nuts!  And so is this Finesse character!  I’ll keep reading, but I’m not excited, either.

Justice Leage: Generatio Lost #5 – Good.  The first 21 pages were so well done and a good look into the characters that I’ll forgive the final page that disrupted the flow of the whole issue for the sake of trying to create a cliffhanger.  The meat in this so far is the motivations of each of the characters involved, and this issue delivers.

Batman #701 – Good.  I liked it, simple as that

X-Men Origins: Deadpool – Good, but close to Very Good.  I was really surprised by how much I liked this, and I’m a Deadpool fan.  If you’ve ever wanted to check out a Deadpool book and get an idea what the fuss is about, this is a great book to pick up.

Invincible Iron Man #28 – Solid.  Fraction = good stuff, as always.

X-Force: Sex and Violence #1 – Solid.  A good action packed comic, but nothing ground-breaking here, either.

Birds of Prey #3 – Solid.

Sweets #1 – Good.  A good start to a new crime story set in New Orleans in the days before Hurricane Katrina.  I’ll be back for more.

Daredevil #508 – Solid.  I’m going to keep reading this, of course, but the idea of Daredevil being possessed is far less compelling to me than Matt simply losing his mind.  Worth picking up if you enjoyed Shadowland #1

Booster Gold #34 – Solid.  An enjoyable read if you’re a fan.

Superman #701 – Very Good.  I saved this one until last because I just can’t discuss it without spoilers of some kind.  So if you don’t want any idea what’s going on here, leave the page now.

I warned you!  Spoiler alert!

Now that those people have left…

The premise here is Superman going for a walk.  Literally.  He’s walking among humans after an extended period off Earth.  The issue is really good with lots of excellent moments throughout.  The tricky part is the several pages dedicated to a sequence where Superman chats with a girl on the ledge of a building about to commit suicide.

Did J. Michael Straczynski read All-Star Superman #10, I wonder?  I don’t think JMS is ripping anyone off here, I simply wonder if he is aware of what Morrison did with this exact scenario.  Considering the single page with four word balloons that Morrison wrote has been called “The most perfect line of Superman dialogue ever written.”, taking on this exact scenario is either creative brilliance or arrogance.  I’m not sure which, to be honest.

That said, the scene is very well done, as is the whole book.  When I finished the book I couldn’t wait to read more.  This also gives me hope for the Wonder Woman overhaul, as I think JMS simply “gets it”, for the most part.

What did YOU enjoy this week?


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