Wednesday Flash Reviews – 7-8-10


As usual, the scale is here! Let’s read some comics, shall we?

Walking Dead #74 – Good.  As always.  I mean, any book that has this ad on the back cover can’t suck, right?

Man, that looks freaking cool.  If the TV series is half as good as Breaking Bad, we could have a comic book phenomenon of unheard of proportions on our hands in a few months.

X-Force #13 – Solid.  No reason to miss this if you’re reading the crossover already, no reason to pick it up if you aren’t already.  But I’d still recommend reading the entire crossover.

Hawkeye and Mockingbird #2 – Meh.  Not doing it for me at all.  This is the evil universe version of a Mark Millar book.  Where Ultimate Avengers has too dang many two page spreads per issue, this has too dang many word balloons with 84 or more words per balloon per page.

Irredeemable #15 – Solid.  Still enjoying this book.

Steve Rogers, Super-Soldier #1 – Good.  Slightly corny concept…but the talent on the book I don’t think could possibly produce a bad book.  I liked it!

Amazing Spider-Man #636 – Solid.  I’ll see how this storyline pays off, but this issue felt far less awesome than the first two parts.

Young Allies #2 – Solid.  That’s all.  We’ll see where it goes from here.

X-Men #1 – Good.  Ok I liked this but,…..seriously, guys, can’t you hold off and ship this at least the same week as the final part of Second Coming so we aren’t reading the aftermath of the crossover before it is over?

Brightest Day #5 – Solid.  With a note of  “Holy crap that is pretty darn topical comic book making on the first few pages.”  The first few pages jumps on current events in a faaaar faster manner than I could have imagined.  Maybe the lead time for DC comics isn’t quite as far ahead as I thought!  The Brightest Day story chugs along and is all good….just the first couple pages are surprising.

Batman and Robin #13- Very Good. Frazer Irving’s depiction of Joker is going to give me nightmares.

Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #1 – .  Good.  If you’re looking for a good point to check out Young Avengers, this is it.  Covers the past well, and also sets up the story to come.

Shadowland #1 – Good.  I really like where this is going, and liked the final page, too.  The issue did feel a little slight on the whole, but I’m looking forward to where Daredevil goes from here.

Red Robin #14 – Good.  Tim and Damien don’t like each other.

Red Hood: The Lost Days #2: – Good.  This continues to be better than I expected.

Scarlet #1 – Very Good.  Not for the kiddos, but a really good read.  I had only one problem with the book.  “Published bi-monthly”  WHAT?!?!  I don’t want to wait that long for more!  Darn you Bendis!

Batman Odyssey #1 – Very Good.  Let’s just say this book will be polarizing.  I loved it to death. I think this is already my favorite comic cover since Preacher #66 for how the cover actually participates in the story.  As for the story…well…I’m going to go on for a minute here…

See, a while back DC handed the “keys” to Batman and Robinlegendary creative talent.  The creator decided to tell the story of a “younger” Batman who was still figuring out the details of how to actually *be* the Batman and the effects that Robin had on him as a result.  It’s a great concept.  Then All Star Batman and Robin came out.  The response has been less than great.

Batman Odyssey, on the other hand, approaches this same basic concept far better and with much greater execution.  Neal Adams’ art and layouts are frantic and beautiful.  There’s a panel on the next to last page that is simply a lineup of facial expressions in profile that had me in awe.  Buy this book and judge for yourself.

The Atom Special #1/One-Shot – Horrible.  Just so you didn’t think I was going all soft on you, here’s my most hated book of the week.  This story is nothing but a recap of the origin of Ray Palmer with a bit of forced retconning to create a future adversary.  What takes this book from “meh” to “Horrible” is the talent involved.  Jeff Lemire wrote this?  The same guy who writes Essex County and Sweet Tooth and you give him *this* assignment?  Then you give him the artist Mahmud Asrar, the guy whom I had come to love on Dynamo 5?  This is the best book you could choose to introduce these two exceptional talents to the DCU reading public?  A criminal waste, in my opinion.

X-Women #1/One-Shot – Good.  Speaking of criminal wastes of talent….ok ok I slightly jest.  A decent enough story, but the art is just luscious.  I’ve read plenty of Manara’s work in the past, so this felt slightly like I was reading a corporate censored version of Manara.    However, I won’t entirely diss anything that might expose Manara to a broader audience.  A worthwhile book.


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