Wednesday Flash Reviews – 6-30-10


The scale is here, as always.  I read a bunch of comics.  Now you find out how awesome they are!

Thor #611 – Good.  But holy bejeezus is that a lot of words/backstory/explainin in that there comic book.  I still enjoyed it by the time I got to the final page, though.

Joker’s Asylum II: Clayface – Solid.  Decent done in one story, with spot-on Kelley Jones art.

Green Lantern #55 – Very Good.  Action, snappy dialogue, good art, Lobo being Lobo, the overall story moving forward, and a backup Tale of the Red Lantern Corps that is rather unexpected.  This book delivers.

Gotham City Sirens #13 – Solid.  At least things make a little more sense after last issue’s confuse-a-thon.  Not great, but not bad either.

Invincible Iron Man Annual #1 – Good.  Matt Fraction continues to be awesome on Iron Man.  In this story we explore the life of the Mandarin in a very well told tale.

Secret Avengers #2 – Solid.  I read this…but I felt like very little actually happened when I got to the end.  I’ll keep reading, for sure, but I would like a little more plot, and expect better from Brubaker.

The Flash #3 – Good.  I really really enjoy this.  I’m also a big Flash fan, so keep that in mind.

Batman Beyond #1 – Very Good.  Let’s get this out of the way…I never watched the cartoon.  I’m only aware of the basic premise.  I still really enjoyed this, and will be reordering more immediately.  For fans of Batman Beyond, I’m pretty sure you will flip out when you read this.  For Batman fans in general, you’ll still enjoy this.  Good stuff!

Justice League of America #46 – Solid.  I am not feeling Mark Bagely’s art on this book at *all*.  I just doesn’t feel like it fits.  Maybe it is from reading him for years on Ultimate Spider-Man?  The story is good, but this art is just bugging me.

Deadpool: Wade Wilson’s War #2 – Good.  This is a really good Deadpool tale…but wait…Bullseye was in Weapon X?  When did *that* happen?  Regardless, I enjoyed reading this one.

Northlanders #29 – Good.  If you haven’t read Northlanders before, this done-in-one tale about Vikings trying to cross the Atlantic is definitely worth taking a look at to get started.

Wonder Woman #600 – Good.  Worth picking up as a jumping on point, for sure.  There’s a couple short stories which I enjoyed reading, and then a prologue to the upcoming JMS run that lays the groundwork for where Wonder Woman goes from here.  Personally, I’m completely on board.  I think the new costume and sensibility of the character make sense and should make for compelling reading.

Deadpool Team-Up #892 – Meh.  It has a couple moments, but this felt disjointed and gratuitous, even for a Deadpool comic.

Action Comics #890 – Good.  Starring Lex Luthor!  And…a special super-villain at the end!  Worth your while to pick up!

Captain America #607 – Good.  This is more like it, Brubaker.

Death of Dracula #1 – Good.  What happens when you have to basically use some relatively obscure horror characters in the Marvel universe to set the groundwork for a bunch of upcoming stories that spread across the Marvel U?  You get this book, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Outside of the HOLY CRAP DRACULA JUST GOT STAKED panel which seemed to really come from nowehere, I enjoyed reading this to see what happened next.

Bonus extra review: Arkham Asylum: Madness HC – Solid.  This book came out last week.  If you’re a fan of Batman, the Joker, or Sam Keith, you’ll be glad you picked this book up.  I really liked it, but didn’t see a story here that would turn the non-fans.

What did YOU like this week?


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