Notes from June 30th – I Feel A Rant Coming On…


Welcome to Wednesday, it’s new comic day!  What’s on everyone’s mind?

Why, Wonder Woman’s new costume, of course!  Over at The Beat there’s tons of hemming and hawing over the new costume and direction.  Nikki Finke at Deadline has declared that DC has ruined Wonder Woman, even.

Where do I start?  I’ve already said I actually liked the new costume and the idea of the new direction, which is basically an alternate timeline/Elseworlds style of story and certainly sounds intriguing to me, so that part is covered.

The outcry over ruining Wonder Woman, though, is driving me crazy for the simple reason that no one who is complaining actually buys the freaking comic.  Exhibit A, the month to month sales chart for Wonder Woman, courtesy of The Beat:

03/2005: Wonder Woman #214 --  30,473
03/2007: Wonder Woman #5   --  64,414
03/2008: Wonder Woman #18  --  40,771
03/2009: Wonder Woman #30  --  33,365 (+ 0.4%)
04/2009: Wonder Woman #31  --  31,857 (- 4.5%)
05/2009: Wonder Woman #32  --  33,065 (+ 3.8%)
06/2009: Wonder Woman #33  --  32,755 (- 0.9%)
07/2009: Wonder Woman #34  --  30,131 (- 8.0%)
08/2009: Wonder Woman #35  --  29,657 (- 1.6%)
09/2009: Wonder Woman #36  --  28,806 (- 2.9%)
10/2009: Wonder Woman #37  --  26,972 (- 6.4%)
11/2009: Wonder Woman #38  --  26,265 (- 2.6%)
12/2009: Wonder Woman #39  --  26,152 (- 0.4%)
01/2010: Wonder Woman #40  --  25,156 (- 3.8%)
02/2010: Wonder Woman #41  --  25,354 (+ 0.8%)
03/2010: Wonder Woman #42  --  25,240 (- 0.5%)

It’s on the charts behind such huge, iconic characters as Batgirl, Arsenal, Red Robin, and the First Wave launch.  Can you sense the dripping sarcasm here?

Look, Wonder Woman has not sold well, for years.  For a character that people are calling “iconic”, “their favorite”, and “the only comic book character female I’ve ever admired”, the sales on her core title are embarrassingly low.

DC has been trying for years to change this in ways that the typical internet pundit considers acceptable.  A series of creative teams of top talent has yielded little to no change in the sales.  As far as DC can tell, very few people actually care about Wonder Woman’s monthly comic.  They are in the business of selling comics, so something of this nature was inevitable.

The outcry over her old uniform?  Hang on a freaking second.  As I’ve learned from my time in the Mythic Rhetoric of the American Superhero class at UNT, the costume has been referred to as sexist, offensive, and jingoistic.  THAT’S the costume that everyone is so upset about?  I’m left wondering how the heck you can please anyone in this situation.

You want to save the classic Wonder Woman comic?  The one that, by all indications, hardly anyone actually cares about?  Go buy some of the classic graphic novels, maybe?  Down to Earth, The Hiketeia, and Gods and Mortals are all excellent choices.

I just grow weary of everyone suddenly having a strong, mostly negative, opinion about a change like this, when people have been speaking with their wallets regarding this character and its direction for many years.

In other news, it looks like we’re going to see a sequel to Old Man Logan.  Count me in!

I would post more news…but this Wonder Woman thing has taken over everything today, so I’ll just leave you with this image of the evolution of game controllers.  I miss my single joystick with one button.

Courtesy of Extralife


2 Responses to “Notes from June 30th – I Feel A Rant Coming On…”

  1. 1 Doc T

    Alrighty, sure, WW sales have been in the toilet but that’s as much the fault of a wishy-washy DC editorial than the interesting if inconsistent runs of Rucka, Simone, and the rest. Truth told, DC has *never* figured out how to portray Wonder Woman, not since Perez was given the reigns. Good grief, remember Denny O’Neill’s craptastic Mod years?? Almost every writer takes a shot at a new RetCon because of this, and this costume change is just the latest.

    Is it just me, or does Jim Lee’s redesign smack of an Image ’80s rehash complete with Black leather jacket and stirrup pants? Hera help us!

  2. 2 Doc T

    …and just so I ain’t hatin’, my solution to the need for a costume redesign that stays true to its more iconic and Amazonian elements? The shocking answer: Lois Lane.

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