Notes for June 25th – Technology Burnout Week


Before you all head off to grill meat this weekend…news!

The trailer for Red has hit the net.  When I see things like this, I wonder to myself why Hollywood even bothers to pay the rights for the source material when they end up creating something so radically different than the source material.  However, Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner both get paid, and Warren seems to dig the script, so maybe not all hope is lost.

Someone yesterday asked me if the news of Hastings exclusive covers (courtesy of Bleeding Cool) bugged me.  In short, not at all.  Exclusive covers have long been available to any retailer willing to pay for them and place a few phone calls.  The thing that I am most intrigued and concerned with is the effects of a larger chain viewing comics as a revenue replacement for lagging CD and DVD sales.

Which brings me to the post by Chris Oliveros from Drawn and Quarterly imploring people to support their local bookstore.  Your independent book and comic store may not be perfect, but the majority of them are in it for the love of the medium, not because they need to replace revenue on items that have become unprofitable due to digital delivery.  Supporting them is crucial to supporting the art forms.  Personally, I don’t want a day when I can’t get my favorite reading in a paper form.  I love technology as much as the next guy, but I love being able to kick back with a good book or comic even more.

In a follow-up to the announcement of DC’s digital ventures this week, DC also announced that they are making Justice League: Generation Lost #4 and #5 returnable, since they’re showing up day and date on the iPad.  It’s a stand-up move by DC, even if I don’t expect to take advantage of it.  By charging the correct price for the digital version, I don’t expect there to be much cannibalization of sales of the physical books.

The Beat also has the round up of the kerfluffle that broke out when DC announced their royalty-sharing program for creators of digital comics.  Why must Marvel always behave like petulant children?  It’s really ridiculous.

I talked up A God Somewhere here a few weeks ago.  Newsarama has a good interview with the creators of the book that I would suggest reading if you’re on the fence about this book.

Oh and by the way, I think you’ll be happy with the new director for the Hobbit films.  Courtesy of Deadline, as usual.


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