Notes from June 23rd – Big Week Edition


DC Comics jumped headfirst into the digital comics arena officially today.  The Beat has a ton of info, links, and comments on the new apps available through Apple and comiXology.  Notice how the day and date release of Justice League:  Generation Lost #4 is at the same price as the physical version.  I expect this will be the norm for day and date books.  I have serious reservations about books like Sandman, Preacher, and Y: the Last Man being allowed to show up on the Apple platforms uncensored.  Or is Warner Brothers big enough to get Apple to back off on their censorious ways?

Comics Alliance also has an interview with Jim Lee that gets into the topic at length.

Also in big news this week, word has hit about Hastings jumping into the comics arena on new releases, and becoming, effectively, the first national chain selling new comics.  Bleeding Cool has an interview with the buyer that is worth a look.  I’m in favor of more outlets for comics, so they’re more accessible, but I have to find more information before I can be sure if this is a step in the right direction.

I don’t get terribly excited by comic book movies any longer simply by virtue of them being an adaptation of a comic.  Primarily because Hollywood is clearly full of freaking morons who have little to no idea what the eff they are doing.  When Catwoman and Elektra both bombed, I read quotes from executives who said “Clearly, the market isn’t interested in superhero movies with a female lead.”  In Deadline’s weekly roundup of the box office, in which Jonah Hex bombed, the following quote is issued:

“As one Warner Bros exec said about the lesson learned; “You don’t take a handsome actor and disgfigure him.”

Here’s an idea.  How about you just don’t make movies that are awful and almost completely ignore the quality source material?  You think that a little make up is what caused the movie to fail?  You’re a moron.  Simple as that.

Now, back to new comic day, and seeing how many more earthquakes will happen today!


One Response to “Notes from June 23rd – Big Week Edition”

  1. 1 Doc T

    RE: Jonah Hex… amen, brotha. As usual, the dumb@$$ execs learn the wrong lesson.

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