Notes from June 16th – Wrap Up Edition


It’s been a hectic work week, but sort of a slow news week on the comic side.  Probably a little something to do with something about video games I have heard rumors about.  So today I present a wrap up of the week’s important notes and opinions!

Comic Book Resources has word of Boom! Studios rolling out an aggressive expansion of their digital comics line.  The smaller publishers are where the action is going to be  in digital distribution for the immediate future, so this comes as no surprise.  I don’t entirely blame companies like Boom! for what they’re doing.  They’re trying to sell comics into a market where a substantial portion of retailers don’t even bother to look at their section of the catalog.  If I could ask Boom! one simple question, though, I’d be curious if they could survive without selling any paper books, because that pricing structure on digital comics is going to send them in that direction.

My favorite movie news this week was Robert Rodriguez getting offered the director’s chair for Deadpool.  Considering the script is written by the guys who brought us Zombieland, Rodriguez being involved in this flick has the potential for a movie so awesome it will rip a hole in the fabric of space, in my professional opinion.

A new Tilting at Windmills is up today, Brian Hibbs’ commentary is always a must read!  He and I basically agree on why the day and date pricing of the Marvel Iron Man Annual needs to be where it is at on the price scale.

Pretty big news on the Magic: the Gathering side of the world, as Wizards has drastically altered the makeup of the Extended format.  I hope it achieves the goals, I’d like to see a popular format that falls in between Standard and Legacy.

Also in the digital comics realm, let’s not all forget that the iPad is run by Apple, and what they say goes.  They’re having to be publicly shamed into doing the right thing in specific circumstances where they get caught, how much content will they censor that no one even notices?


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