Wednesday Flash Reviews – 6-15


As usual, check out the review scale here, then come back here for pithy commentary!

A surprisingly good week for books this week, I really enjoyed a lot of books, so be forwarned!

New Avengers #1 – Good.  There was a bunch of mystical mumbo-jumbo going on in this book  leading into some big threat against life as we know it here, but I really got a kick out of the more human interactions between the heroes settling into their new lives.  It reminded me of old-school JLI in all the right ways.

DC Universe Legacies #2 – Solid.  I want to heap praise upon this book, but as a long time DCU reader, the stories feel very redundant.  The art is lovely, and the Seven Soldiers back-up was enjoyable…but I’m just not *excited* about this book.

Birds of Prey #2 – Meh.  Lots of stuff going on here, but none of it particularly compelling.

Predators #2 – Meh.  Is it just me, or should comics of licensed properties like this either build the universe or do stories that are logistically impossible for other media to accomplish?  This book is doing neither.

Atlas #2 – Solid.  If you’re reading the Atlas books of the last couple years, this is right up your alley.

New Mutants #11 – Very Good.  The art on the first page threw me for a loop, but it all eventually made sense and this crossover continues to deliver.  Loving it, and I’m not ashamed to admit that the final page had me pumping my fist just a bit.

Amazing Spider-Man #633 – Good.  We’ve got two issues of Amazing Spidey this week for no apparent reason, but this wrap up to the Shed storyline was pretty darn good, moving The Lizard to an interesting place going forward.  I’m also a sucker for Bachalo’s art when he is on top of his game, and this time around he is on top of it to be sure.

Amazing Spider-Man #634 – Good.  But really close to Very Good.  This book features every weakness imaginable.  It has obscure characters and villains, putting characters you’ve barely even heard of unless you’re a hardcore Spider-Man fan in precarious positions, with an overall plot that is somewhat obtuse and confusing.  And yet I really liked it.  It explained just enough as the story progressed to pull me in, and made me really curious to see what comes next, especially with the extra story features in the back pages.  I am definitely looking forward to Grim Hunt part two!

Black Widow #3 – Meh.  Acuna’s art is lovely, but I’m just not feeling the story here at all.

Amazing Spider-Man presents The Black Cat #1 – Good.  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book, and I went into it wanting to dislike it!  A crime caper-style story with plenty of twists and turns, I was impressed, and looking forward to part two.

Walking Dead #73 – Solid.  Giving Walking Dead a rating below Good makes me feel bad, but the trick here is I wouldn’t give this issue to someone looking to jump in, I would talk them into the first trade paperback instead.  If you’re reading Walking Dead, this story is exactly what you want to see.  If not…Walking Dead TP v1 is available for you to pick up!

Joker’s Asylum II: Harley Quinn #1 – Good.  A fun and well-written single-issue Harley story.

Deadpool #24 – Solid.  Nothing to change the minds of those who don’t already read Deadpool here, but if you like Deadpool, this book will sate your appetite.  Yes, I enjoyed reading it.

Ultimate X #3 – Very Good.  Just when we were certain Jeph Loeb had completely lost his mind, he springs this series on us.  Much like issue #2, he keeps up the angle of focusing on people we don’t expect in the series, and I find myself completely sucked in.  This is exactly what I think a “parallel universe” X-Men book should be like, focusing more on the personal impact of being a mutant, while the primary universe focuses on the bombastic and explosive.  …Oh and Art Adams’ art is very pretty, to boot.

Dark Wolverine #87 – Meh.  Daken whines about how much it sucks to be him for 22 pages while a plot hole about as big as Jupiter is exposed.

Crossed: Family Values #2 – Good.  I really dug this.  It simultaneously expands the “Crossed Universe” by digging more into the nature of the antagonists, while also telling a good story on its own with the new cast.  I’m finding the new cast to be much more compelling than the cast from the first series so far, which is impressive.  David Lapham deserves a great deal of props…but since we live in an unfair world, he will likely continue to be unheralded.

Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth #12 – Solid.  A fun read, but non-Deadpool fans can look elswehere, as usual.  Is it wrong that I really want a Headpool action figure of some kind for my own?

Incredible Hulk #610 – Good.  But again, close to Very Good.  The World War Hulks storyline runs headfirst towards the ending, and I was really intrigued by every page.  What they do with Amadeus Cho in this issue is either a crazy-genius concept, or a deus ex machina plot device….given the tone of this entire story, I lean towards the genius, and give it a thumbs up.  And have I mentioned how much I like Paul Pelletier’s art?  It’s a crime that he doesn’t get more accolades for his work.

Joker’s Asylum II: The Mad Hatter #1 – Meh.  Just did not do it for me.

REBELS #17 – Solid.  I like DC galactic stories, and this one has the goods if the DCU is your thing.

Brightest Day #4 – Abstain.  Yep, you heard me, I just made up a new rating for this book.  I’m still very interested in where this book is going, and liking each tidbit, but if I weren’t doing weekly reviews, I’d just set aside issues until we get to, say, issue #14 or #15, then read a bunch at once.  Like I said two weeks ago, I’m convinced that this book would read better if handled by dedicating 22 pages to a single character each week as opposed to this two to four pages per character approach.

But what did YOU enjoy this week?


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