Notes from June 10th – An Omnibus of Stuff!


Yeah I know it has been a couple days since the last Notes post, I’ve been swamped with stuff lately!  So, let’s do some catching up, shall we?

Comic Book Resources has a lengthy chat with Joe Quesada centered around the day and date release of the Iron Man annual to digital and direct market channels.  Quesada has to toe the company line, but it is still a worthwhile read.  I’ve caught a couple comments around the net lately calling the fact that the annual is a higher price digitally than the physical version, among other things, absurd.  They also state the same notion for making the physical and digital the same price.  I’m going to put this plainly.  Books and newspapers and magazines put their product out digitally at a very reduced price or free compared to the physical product, and they have watch their entire freaking business model break down as a result of their own decision to devalue their product.  I keep harping on Magic Online by Wizards of the Coast, but it is the closest parallel we have.  WotC recognized that charging less for the online product would destroy their entire business structure, and, as a result, Magic has actually thrived.  The cost to print a physical object is a minuscule amount compared to the creative and marketing costs. Marvel is not running away screaming from the 22-page physical comic as some online pundits keep wanting to insist. They have seen glimpses of the future in the burned and charred corpses of the book and newspaper industries, they are going to avoid those same mistakes at all costs.

ICv2 has a roundup of some major DC movie news, including writers starting work on a second Green Lantern movie and a new Flash movie.  Looks like someone at Warners is starting to figure it out!

I have to post this preview of Blacksad over at Newsarama because the book came out yesterday and I haven’t had time to read it, but holy moley does it look just spectacularly gorgeous.  I’ve heard about this book for years, but its printings in the US have been spotty until now.  Go take a peek, you’ll be glad you did.

A conglomeration of manga publishers are teaming up to tackle the problem of scanlations and illegal downloading of their items.  It’s about time, but for their sake, I’m afraid the horses left that barn a very long time ago.  (Thanks to The Beat for the link!)


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