Comics You Should Be Reading – My Faith in Frankie


This is only my third Comics You Should Be Reading, and here’s your first cruveball.

I introduce you to My Faith in Frankie from Vertigo Comics!

Frankie has her own personal deity, Jeriven.  Since Frankie is the last person on Earth who worships Jeriven, he is a bit possessive.  Which causes big problems when Frankie tries to meet boys.  Dates usually end up in chaos, but when a guy who appears to be a cut above the average really pulls at Frankie’s heart, things are going to get much trickier.  And why is this guy so into Frankie to begin with?

Sonny Liew and Marc Hempel are one of my favorite artist pairings, so I really enjoy the art in this book, which has honestly been done a disservice by this transition from the color original comic to a smaller, black and white book.

This book, though, is all about the story.  It is a great read for anyone at all, but the key here is women.  I have recommended this book to countless female readers, and every single one of them has loved it.  Whenever I have a customer come in and tell me that they want to get their girlfriend or wife into comics, I immediately grab this book and hand it to them.  They always come back in thanking me.  The book has great characters, a crazy love triangle, and lots of drama, it really is one of the most underrated comics on the stands.  If you’re looking for a fun read for yourself or a significant other, this book will hit the nail on the head every time!


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  1. 1 Doc T

    Love the curveballs, Tim! Keep ’em coming!

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