Wednesday Flash Reviews 6-3 (Yes, it is Thursday this week)


If you aren’t familiar with the scale, go take a look here.

Now, on to books from this week!

i, Zombie #2 – Good.  I like where this is going.  I’m also a fan of Allred’s art, so I certainly hope this horror/mystery book is finding its audience.  I’m definitely enjoying it thus far.

Joker’s Asylum: The Riddler – Solid.  A well-written Riddler tale, nothing wrong with that.

Demo #5 – Very Good.  Leave it to Brian Wood to knock out a good time travel story with a human side.  (Ask anyone who knows me, outside of Doctor Who and Animal Man, I usually detest time travel stories.)  The world needs more books like Demo.

Serenity: Float Out One-Shot: – Good.  If you’re a Firefly fan (I am), don’t miss this.  If you aren’t a Firefly fan…go watch the tv series THEN pick this up.

Franken- Castle #17 – Good. Wait..where’s #1-16?  Hah.  Remender is doing really fun work here, it’s just not a traditional Punisher story in any sense.  If you’re looking to expand your horizons, give this book a try.

Superman/Batman Annual #4 – Solid.  I’ve never been a big Batman Beyond fan, so this book may just not be my personal cuppa.  The story was certainly good enough, but it didn’t *grab* me.

Avengers Prime #1 – Solid.  But leaning towards Good.  I wish a little more story had happened here…but the gorgeous Alan Davis art more than made up for it, so I’ll keep reading this series for certain.

Red Robin #13 – Solid. There had to be SOME let down after the pretty explosive events of issue 12, which wrapped up a year-long storyline.  This is setting the stage for more to come.  The characters pictured on the last page, though, made little sense to me.

Adventure Comics #12 – Solid.  A fun Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes standalone story.

Red Hood: The Lost Days #1 – Solid.  I’m really torn on this one.  A story about the days between Jason Todd digging out of his grave and when he reappeared to the DCU seems like a good idea, but I wasn’t entirely thrilled with the story in this issue.  We’ll see where it goes…

Irredeemable #14 – Good.  I really enjoy this book every issue.  Waid does a great job of acting like the universe he is playing in has been around for 50 years, but also slowing down long enough to give us glimpses deep into the characters involved each issue.  Another good issue in a Very Good series!

Heralds #1 – Meh.  Maybe it’s because I’m not a die-hard Marvel fan, but this issue just didn’t do much of anything for me.

Hawkeye and Mockingbird #1 – Solid.  Holy bejeezus did this book have a lot of dialog and text.  I had a hard time getting into the story of these characters, without being intimately aware of their history together.

Thanos Imperative #1 – Good. Definitely getting me back into reading the Marvel cosmic characters, and focusing the story around Thanos is a good start in that regard.  Fun stuff!

Brightest Day #3 – Solid.  It doesn’t feel like a lot happened this issue, but the story is progressing forward, and I’m really interested in where Deadman is going, so I’ll keep reading.  I’m wondering if this might not read better in a Lost story style, with 6-8 single issues telling the story of a given character, then pulling them all together, instead of this style of giving each primary character 2-4 pages per issue, though.

So what looks good to YOU this week?  What are you picking up?


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