Notes for June 2nd – Look! A Zombie!


Today’s biggest comics news comes out of Marvel, as Joe Quesada has been promoted to Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment.  (via The Beat!)  Congrats to Joe!  It’s hard to remember exactly how rough things were when Joe Quesada took over the reigns of Marvel way back when, and there’s definitely plenty of arguing to be done about specific moves, but you cannot fault the company for being unwilling to take creative risks during Quesada’s time.  Good for him!

Deadline has the first snapshot from the set of the Walking Dead TV show!

I forgot to link to this article yesterday at Comic Book Resources regarding the feds suing the former operator of, a comic piracy site that was recently shut down in a raid.  I’m very happy to see this action, to say the least.  Rationalize it any way you like, such behavior is thievery and stealing, and needs to be punished accordingly.

Remember when I was talking about how I believe scanlations are hurting manga sales?  Some people don’t agree with me on this point.  Thanks to ICv2, I present the news of a manga piracy site ranking in the top 1000 sites visited on the net, as measured by Google.  This news as manga sales continue to slide.  Not entirely a coincidence, I believe.

Bleeding Cool has word of Swamp Thing, as well as several other Vertigo-related characters, returning to the DCU fold.  While I have no problem with this, it seems silly to force the distinction.  Punisher has been functioning in both the Marvel Universe and in a mature-readers title for quite a while now.  I don’t see any reason why Swamp Thing can’t do the same if the quality stories are there.

And before anyone asks, no, I’m not commenting on nor linking to any of the ridiculous discussion about Spider-Man being played by a non-white actor.  Not until they make a Luke Cage movie.  Or Black Panther.  I’d kill to see either one of those.

Off to read comics, reviews coming later tonight!  Talk to you then!


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