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Welcome to Wednesday, it’s new comic day!  What’s on everyone’s mind? Why, Wonder Woman’s new costume, of course!  Over at The Beat there’s tons of hemming and hawing over the new costume and direction.  Nikki Finke at Deadline has declared that DC has ruined Wonder Woman, even. Where do I start?  I’ve already said I […]

The scale is here, as always.  I read a bunch of comics.  Now you find out how awesome they are! Thor #611 – Good.  But holy bejeezus is that a lot of words/backstory/explainin in that there comic book.  I still enjoyed it by the time I got to the final page, though. Joker’s Asylum II: […]

The big news today is Jeph Loeb being assigned the Executive Vice President, Head of Television of Marvel entertainment.  In short, he’ll be in charge of handling Marvel TV shows and direct to dvd movies.  Comic people keep on moving on up in the world! Jeph Loeb is having a pretty good day, since word […]

Before you all head off to grill meat this weekend…news! The trailer for Red has hit the net.  When I see things like this, I wonder to myself why Hollywood even bothers to pay the rights for the source material when they end up creating something so radically different than the source material.  However, Warren […]

DC Comics jumped headfirst into the digital comics arena officially today.  The Beat has a ton of info, links, and comments on the new apps available through Apple and comiXology.  Notice how the day and date release of Justice League:  Generation Lost #4 is at the same price as the physical version.  I expect this […]

Scale is here.  Reviews below.  Let’s get to reading! Thunderbolts #145 – Good.  Ideas and execution are both solid, a good reboot so far! Amazing Spider-Man #635 – Good.  Didn’t quite grab me like last week’s issue did, but still a worthwhile read. Fantastic Four #580 – Good.  If I was a bigger FF fan, […]

It’s been a hectic work week, but sort of a slow news week on the comic side.  Probably a little something to do with something about video games I have heard rumors about.  So today I present a wrap up of the week’s important notes and opinions! Comic Book Resources has word of Boom! Studios […]