Wednesday Flash Reviews – 5-26


It’s that time of the week again, for a quick look at books coming out this week!  Need a refresher on the scale?  Take a look at my first reviews from last week.  In no particular order…

Before I get to the typical reviews, I want to mention the new edition of Brian Michael Bendis’ Fortune and Glory that comes out this week.  If you have never read Fortune and Glory, you should do so.  It’s the tale of Bendis’ adventures in Hollywood when one of his crime comics was optioned back in the late 90’s.  If you have ever watched a comic movie and wonder how it is possible that they could so viciously screw up your favorite character, just read this book, and you’ll wonder no more.  It’s entertaining and has many laugh out loud moments.

Oh and Scalped Volume Six last week completely knocked my socks off.  But you already know how highly I think of Scalped.

Secret Avengers #1 – Solid.  But it is closer to Good than not.  Lovely art, I just didn’t feel a really tight tie to the characters or why they’re together, other than Steve Rogers wants them together.

Superman: War of the Supermen #4 – Good.  A strong ending to a very under-appreciated storyline, with some real surprises tossed in.

Green Lantern Corps #48 – Solid.  The GL books are back in buildup mode.  Nothing wrong with that, not every issue can be Blackest Night, right?

X-Force #27 – Very Good.  The Second Coming storyline is waaaay better than I expected.  I am really enjoying this and can’t wait to read the next part.

Thor #610 – Good.  Wrapping up after Siege, and tying up some loose plot threads dangling as far back as Civil War.  Pretty art, to boot.

Thunderbolts #144 – Good.  But very close to Very Good.  I wasn’t a big fan of the ending, it seemed completely out of left field.  But I loved the Thunderbolts new transportation system idea, and I’ve grown to really look forward to Luke Cage stories, so I’m definitely a fan.

Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal #3 – ….Horrible.  I’m sad it only took two weeks to give out this rating.  I’ve sworn myself to no spoilers, so I’ll save more detailed analysis for some other time.  This issue deals with a lot of very mature topics, but does so very immaturely.  Like the movie 8mm, it has all the subtlety of a sledgehammer to your skull.  Maybe they’ll redeem it in issue four, but this book just left a terrible taste in my mouth.

Thanos Imperative One Shot – Good.  I’ll admit it has been a while since I’ve read any of the Marvel cosmic stuff, so I was a little bit lost at points, but I’ll keep reading the subsequent parts to this, it’s good work.

Detective Comics #865 – Good.  Really liked this one.  It left a terrible taste in my mouth, but this time it was in all the good ways.

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #2 – Very Good.  Irving’s art is spot-on and a treat for the eyes.  The story is great fun.  Morrison is firing on all cylinders in this one.  Love it!

Fantastic Four #579 – Solid.  There’s a LOT going on here, and some of it is honestly probably going over my head.  I trust Hickman, though, so I’ll definitely keep reading.

Power Girl #12 – Good.  Amanda Conner not doing a book each month makes me sad.  Ah well.  A fitting ending to the run.

Justice League Generation Lost #2 – Good.  And now the story really begins.  Granted I have a soft spot for these characters, but I’m completely hooked already.

Green Lantern #54 – Solid.  See my comments on GLC above.  However, it seems Atrocitus is popping up everywhere all the sudden.  What’s with that?

Amazing Spider-Man #632 – Solid.  Jumping in on part three of a storyline may not be the best idea, but I still enjoyed the issue.

Gotham City Sirens #12 – Meh.  I’m a Batman fan, this did very little for me.

Brave and the Bold #34 – Solid.  Stars Doom Patrol and Legion of Super Heroes.  While it opened strongly, the rest of it was just a bit too much of “connect the dots” storytelling.  Straczynski has done better on this series, but this is a two parter, so maybe the payoff awaits in #35.

That’s what I got read tonight, what did you think of this week’s books?  What are you looking forward to?


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  1. 1 Doc T

    Good stuff, amigo. But are these Barry Allen Flash reviews or Wally West? Holla if you need a Jay Garrick.

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