Notes from May 26th


Over at Gene Luen Yang’s blog, he explains to us why he won’t be seeing The Last Airbender movie.  It’s worth a look and at least a moment of thought, I think.

Critic Douglas Wolk has Eight Questions Every Comic Creator Should Answer.  I could not agree more with this.  As a retailer, when trying to figure out what to order and what my customers will be interested in, I often find myself thinking, in short, “Why does this comic exist?”.  If the answer is something other than a creator or creators wanting to tell a great comic story, I become wary very quickly.  A hint to aspiring publishers, don’t use the term “properties” in reference to your new comics when trying to explain to me how awesome your books are.

The Beat has new news on another round of legal wrangling between Todd McFarlane and Neil Gaiman.  Seems like this dust up will never end, does it?

Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter brings up Three Comic Arguments We Could be Having.  The three questions are definitely worth pondering, and the sentiment at the end is something I couldn’t agree with more:

So that’s three. I’ll try to come up with more. It’s depressing to me that we keep arguing the same things over and over again and rarely if ever move forward or at least move on. There’s a lot out there to talk about.


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