Notes from May 25th – The 1984-style Macintosh Commercial Seems Inappropriate


Steve Jobs wants you to have a world “free from porn”, and apparently really really means it, as Bleeding Cool has a look at some recent censorship of comics proposed for the iPad.  Given what is talked about being censored here, something tells me books like Preacher and Sandman wouldn’t make the app store cut.  Seems like Apple is really no longer the same company that gave us the classic Superbowl commercial.  I get what they’re doing, I just have zero interest in supporting it personally.

So it seems that DC is quickly running away from the CMX brand.  The Beat talks about how the website information on the imprint has already completely disappeared.  Why is it in the wake of this, that the pundits put the blame on someone inside DC having a vendetta against manga and 13-year old girls?  Why can’t it be the simpler, and much more appropriate, culprit?  The sales on CMX books sucked.  DC launched CMX and Minx, in large part to get more product in bookstores for a wider audience range, and the sales on both were atrocious.  What other company in the last 20 years has put together line launches as ambitious as Minx?  In spite of this, people still want to bash DC for being shortsighted and narrow minded.

Bleeding Cool also has fresh details on exactly what is going on with Gene Colan.  It  is interesting stuff.

I’m off to read comics, I’ll be back later tonight with reviews!


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