Wednesday Flash Reviews – 5-19


Every Tuesday afternoon and evening, I try to make time to read as many new books as possible before they go on sale Wednesday afternoon so that I can inform people more about the books.  Now, each week I’ll attempt to review those books as I read them so that you can have an idea of what books you shouldn’t miss each week.

There will never be spoilers.  These will be very fast one or two line reviews, and then rating according to my own scale.  What is my scale you ask?  Here you go:

Horrible – This book is utter dreck.  No one should buy this.  There’s too many good comics on the shelf for you to waste your money on this thing.  Very few books are actually this bad, but it is important to know when they are.

Meh – An unremarkable book.  The main reason to buy this is because you’re a completist and want your run of the book to be unbroken.  Beyond that, it’s not a particularly exciting issue.

Solid – Now we’re getting there.  If you’re a fan of the characters involved in the book, you’ll likely enjoy this book.  If you’re not a fan, you can pass, you’ll survive without it.

Good – A Good book is a must buy for fans, and non-fans should probably take a peek.  If it is a first issue or the beginning of a story arc, this is a good book to give a shot if you haven’t been reading any of the series before this issue.

Very Good – About as good as it gets.  Virtually every comic fan should pick this book up.  It’s a great jumping on point, or a big storyline that is well-executed and you’ll probably get a kick out of.

Exceptional – This book should be bought by everyone.  Period.  No questions asked.  An Exceptional book is at or near the pinnacle of the comic art form.  The storytelling is tight, the art is appropriate and well done, and regardless of if you’re a fan of the character or creators involved, you need to try this book.  Very few books will qualify as exceptional.  Most weeks there won’t be a single book that gets this rating.

Now that you know the scale, let’s jump in, shall we?

Avengers #1 – Good.  Setting the stage for things to come.

Brightest Day #2 – Solid.  A little haphazard as it is trying to tie all the threads together, but still coming back for next issue.

Joe the Barbarian #5 – Very Good.  I looooove this book.  The story feels like a Flex Mentallo, and Murphy’s art is just gorgeous.

Justice League of America #45 – Solid.  Only complaint is this doesn’t feel very organic, feels a bit forced.  Bagley’s art is getting better issue by issue.

Legion of Super-Heroes #1 – Good, but I’m biased.  I’m a LoSH fan, and Levitz’s old run in the 80’s is one of my favorite books of all time.  If you’re looking to try a quality new superhero book, though, this one is worth a look.

Superman: War of the Supermen #3 – Solid.  Only rates that low because the first two issues were so awesome.  Looking forward to where this goes.

Walking Dead #72 – Solid.  The story here is still building, but Kirkman has proven trustworthy, no reason to bail now.

X-Men Legacy #236 – Good.  I’m surprised by how much I am enjoying the Second Coming storyline.  They’re telling a really solid superhero story here.

Zatanna #1 – Solid.  Very pretty art, and a good setup.

American Vampire #3 – Good.  I’m really enjoying this series, too.

Rescue #1 – Meh.  It’s not that it is bad…it just feels extraneous.

Spirit #2 – Solid.  But with a Very Good backup story.  The main Spirit book has been enjoyable, but the backup in this issue is by Harlan Ellison and Kyle Baker.  Those two doing a story togetgher is pure catnip for me.

Atlas #1 – Solid.  Leans towards Meh because of my unfamiliarity with the characters involved, but I will try the second issue and see if it grabs me.

Invincible Iron Man #26 – Good.  Matt Fraction’s entire Iron Man run has been a blast.  Larroca’s art is gorgeous.

DC Universe Legacies #1 – Very Good.  Imagine Marvels meets the DCU, with beautiful art to boot.  Well worth giving a try.

Ultimate Avengers #2 – Good.  If the story had a little more meat on its bones, I’d give this a Very Good.  As it is, the story is decent, and Yu’s art, as always, is gorgeous.

Age of Heroes #1 – Meh.  “Why not take the stories in this book and put them as extra back ups in other books that sell far better to increase the exposure of the characters involved?”, he asked rhetorically.

Do I need to remind you all that Scalped Volume Six comes out this week?  I certainly hope not.

That’s what I’ve read and enjoyed so far, what are you guys looking forward to?

Also this week, come into either More Fun Comics store on Wednesday and get a raffle ticket to possibly win this sweet Avengers #1 John Romita, Sr. variant cover!

Avengers #1 John Romita Sr Variant


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  1. 1 Doc T

    Definitely appreciate the run-down, Tim, good to have a heads-up about the incoming Wednesday wave!

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