Notes from May 19th


Anyone else watch Lost last night?  Holy crap, they might have redeemed the entire series in one episode.  I’m actually looking forward to the finale on Sunday now!

James Sturm’s entertaining series about taking time away from the internet continues today over at Slate.  Don’t miss this, it’s interesting reading.

I said I enjoyed the new Legion of Superheroes comic that comes out today.  Take a quick peek for yourself at this free preview at Newsarama!

The Beat has news of Dynamite acquiring the rights to the old Chaos! Comics library of characters.  Except the most popular one, Lady Death.  To be honest, I haven’t had anyone ask about Evil Ernie in a long time, but more options are always a good thing.

The DC Vertigo blog has a cool “Be The Editor of Sweet Tooth” up and running, where you can win a copy of Sweet Tooth Vol 1 signed by the entire creative team, if you’ve got a sharp eye!

Finally today, when you need your Darth Vader “Nooooooooo!” on demand, someone made a website to slake your thirst.


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