Notes from May 18th


Welcome to Tuesday!  Tune in late tonight for the first edition of the weekly Flash Reviews.  Know what you need to get at the store before you go tomorrow!

The big news today is DC shutting down the CMX manga imprint.  The surprise to me, honestly, is that it took this long.  They launched the line with one notable title, Tenjo Tenghe, but did so in such a way as to torque the hardcore fans via censorship of the material.  The rest of the material was completely unexceptional to anyone but the most hardcore of manga fans. (Thanks to The Beat for the news item)

Bleeding Cool’s commentary on the shutdown of CMX and layoffs at Viz asks the big question “Does manga not make money any more?”  The answer is quite simple, actually.  It does…as long as it has “Naruto” printed on the cover.  Bleeding Cool also says “A number of stores will have allocated budget to such titles, especially ones that they have ordered. For them, this will not be good news at all.”  A number of stores?  I wonder what number that is, exactly.  According to Brian Hibbs’ Bookscan numbers over the years, CMX titles struggled to clear even 500 copies sold in the bookstore channel…and bookstores is supposedly where manga is the hot seller!  I doubt that this is much of an issue for direct market retailers at this point.

Newsarama has a trailer for a new NBC series called The Cape, and I’ve gotta admit, that looks pretty cool.  I’m all for interesting takes on superheroes on TV.  I’ll give this one a shot, I think.  What about you guys?

The Ft. Worth Star-Telegram had a really good article about comic book stores yesterday.  While they don’t mention yours truly (hey, no one is perfect), I loved the tone of the article and how they bring up the fact that the comic store is a place of community in a world where technology seems to be isolating us more and more from each other.

Bleeding Cool also has news on Air from Vertigo Comics getting canceled.  The bright side of this is the Hollywood effect on comics.  Wasn’t too long ago that books with sales better than Air were chopped off far earlier and with far less mercy than books like Air and Losers.  It seems that nowadays, any book might be a potential movie or TV series, so having a more complete product to tie to that media release gets these books more rope to finish their stories in a readable fashion.


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  1. 1 Doc T

    Hmmmm… The Cape maybe, the Ft. Worth article YES!

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