Notes from May 17th


Welcome to the new week!  I’m announcing this little effort to the world today, so if this is your first time here, welcome to the blog, too!  Visit once in a while, won’t you?

Following up on Friday’s story, Heroes is cancelled.  Rumor is of a two or four hour finale event to actually wrap up the series.  Last time I was promised such a thing to end a TV series was for Deadwood, which was a vastly superior show on a network that doesn’t actively hate its watching audience.  So if you’re a Heroes fan, I would advise against holding your breath for any new material on the television.

For the gamers out there, Wizards of the Coast announced a whole pile of details on the upcoming Archenemy multiplayer variant set they’re releasing in June.  I have to admit, “when this scheme is set into motion” as an actual game term is pretty cool.

In the world of Things That Tim is Really Excited About, Scalped Volume Six ships this week.  You should be excited, too.  If you’re not, tune back in later today.  I’ll have a Scalped primer for your perusal this afternoon.

Marvel sent retailers who are participating in the Avengers Day Party special preview editions late last week.  Can’t discuss details, but I’m fairly certain you guys are going to enjoy the new book!

On the business side of things, ICv2 has the charts for April comic sales up, headed by Brightest Day #0, by a pretty wide margin over Flash #1.  It appears the whole Flash: Rebirth things has worked out!


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