Warner Brothers Suing Lawyer for Shuster and Siegel


Did I say slow news day?  Oops, maybe not.

In an effort to head off the pending copyright litigation, Warner Brothers has filed suit against the lawyer representing the estates of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

Let’s just say that any further efforts by me to describe the situation would only result in me screwing it up, and you should click here and read the full article at Deadline Hollywood.


2 Responses to “Warner Brothers Suing Lawyer for Shuster and Siegel”

  1. 1 Doc T

    Check it out, this Sunday at 5pm on 1190 AM or cnn1190.com, CULTURAL DISTORTION will discuss Superheroes in our culture, and how these comic book icons have effected us in ways we never knew, with Dr. Shaun Treat from UNT!

  2. 2 Doc T

    Wow. WB and DC are playing legal hardball (dirty pool, really) and anyone with a smidge of familiarity about how Siegel & Shuster were treated across their lifetimes will find the corporate RetCon vile B.S. Still, with S&S gone and the heirs perhaps as greedy as the corporate hacks, the only real loser here may be us… and the future of Superman.

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