Notes From May 13th


Woah, that’s a heckuva week of comics isn’t it?  Now that the dust has settled from new comics day this week, how about some news you can use?

Did you know there was a Rush Limbaugh comic that came out this week?  Don’t worry, neither did Rush. Bleeding Cool has a couple quotes from Rush’s radio show yesterday discussing it.

Neil Gaiman made $45,000 to speak to 500 or so people on behalf of a library in suburban Minnesota.  People freak out about him making too much money.  He tries to bring some sanity to the topic.  Most will probably ignore him, but you shouldn’t, it’s an informative read.

Joe Casey apparently doesn’t expect to ever work at DC Comics again as he lambastes the editorial staff over his most recent work at DC in an interview over at Comic Book Resources.

Finally, the first TPB of Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire came out this week.  This book is really good stuff, and you can check out the first issue for free over at DC Comics’ website right now!


One Response to “Notes From May 13th”

  1. 1 Doc T

    Rush Limbaugh has a comic book?!? Good grief, its probably at comically atrocious as the old gawdawful LIBERALITY series by wingnuts.

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