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Lots of news of multimedia projects related to comics today. Looks like we’ll be seeing a Green Lantern CGI cartoon to go along with the movie next year, according to the item over at Bleeding Cool.  As long as G’nort is in it, I’m on board. Deadline has an item about a new screenwriter for […]

Yesterday I gave Justice League: Rise of Arsenal #3 a Horrible rating, but in the interest of being spoiler-free, I couldn’t really delve into it.  Thanks to Brian Hibbs, I don’t have to bother now, as he does a great blow by blow on this book.  (Warning, link contains some NSFW language)  In it Brian […]

Over at Gene Luen Yang’s blog, he explains to us why he won’t be seeing The Last Airbender movie.  It’s worth a look and at least a moment of thought, I think. Critic Douglas Wolk has Eight Questions Every Comic Creator Should Answer.  I could not agree more with this.  As a retailer, when trying […]

It’s that time of the week again, for a quick look at books coming out this week!  Need a refresher on the scale?  Take a look at my first reviews from last week.  In no particular order… Before I get to the typical reviews, I want to mention the new edition of Brian Michael Bendis’ […]

Steve Jobs wants you to have a world “free from porn”, and apparently really really means it, as Bleeding Cool has a look at some recent censorship of comics proposed for the iPad.  Given what is talked about being censored here, something tells me books like Preacher and Sandman wouldn’t make the app store cut.  […]

Who published Jonathan Hickman, you ask?  Ok you got me.  Jonathan Hickman is a creator.  A freaking awesome one.  How many creators can you say both have extraordinary self-published work on the market and write the best book Marvel is putting out right now?  That’s right.  Exactly one.  Jonathan Hickman.  I thought about doing a […]

So was anyone else glued to their television sets last night for that awesome finale?  I was completely enthralled the entire time.  I’m sure everyone out there was right there with me cheering when Bret Michaels won Celebrity Apprentice, right?  Right?… I jest, of course. Found this tidbit this weekend about how indy comics are […]