1986 was a unique year for comics




Speaks for itself…


Super Mullet!

Superman meets The Elite


Best book ever?


Grant Morrison tears the guts right out of the entire Grim n Gritty era.


If I’m forced to pick a favorite movie….

How I Really Feel in one Word Balloon

“Comic retailer, game retailer, purveyor of all things cool that will be movies and tv shows in five years.


Great comic!

Hey kids! Comics!

Best pic I Could FInd of Phil Seuling

The First Direct Market Only Comic Book. Also intended to be an actual singer via Casablanca Records.

The Beginning of the Black and White Bubble

The Best Selling Comic Of All Time! For a while anyway…

There’s enough copies of this book for everyone in Dallas, and then some.


Excellent read if you have time!

There’s less of this comic than there are students at UNT. A LOT LESS.

.Yep. Pretty much the entire history of gay characters in mainstream superhero comics up until Batwoman.


Northstar is serious.

Apollo and Midnighter of The Authority. Close, but no cigar.

Renee Montoya is serious.

Renee Montoya's breakout book!

The Question!



How will a culture that has turned Wolverine from this... this handle a character like Batwoman going forward?


Again, if you’re not in the class, feel free to ignore this post, it’s mostly just a visual aid for this week’s lecture!

Yet another Black Canary costume!

Yet another Black Canary costume!

What does this innocent face have in common with Venom?

And what do these gigantic teeth have in common with Hello Kitty?

And how does it all tie into this guy, Watchmen, and comics as an art form in general?





The best Watchmen movie we'll ever see. True fact.

You’re free to ignore this post, it is mostly just a pile of images to serve as an aid for my lecture at the Mythic Rhetoric of the American Super-Hero class tomorrow.

Black Canary’s outfits!



Turtlenecks FTW!

Where’s the fat guy? šŸ˜¦

Look ma, zero percent body fat!

Batgirl…the character that has managed to offend everyone at some point.

Death of Batgirl...birth of...



She got better!

What one handicapped comic fan thought of Barbara Gordon getting up out of the wheelchair –Ā

Diversity in comics…well…sorta…

Diversity! ....errrr

And the birth of the Direct Market!

Not just a woman, one from Africa!


Just wanted to share this post by another retailer today in which he examines how creators becoming superstars and a dominant force in comics has not necessarily been for the best of all.

Well worth a read!

If you haven’t heard of Red Letter Media and their movie reviews yet, now is the time to check them out. Ā (Fair warning, some material not suitable for younger viewers. Ā Some cursing and creepy content involved, watch at work at your own risk.)

I’ve posted part one of their newly posted Star Wars Episode III review here, but go to the site and check out episodes one and two and their Star Trek reviews, too. Ā These guys are great at both making you laugh, but also providing insight into how good storytelling works, and why things like Star Trek: First Contact and the Star Wars prequels were such massive failures on a storytelling level when their original material was so good. Ā Informative and entertaining, doesn’t get much better than that!